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Who We Are

Marcus Farms is a leading grower of evergreen and deciduous trees for the green industry. Started in 1985 by brothers John and Steve Marcus in the hills of New York's southern tier, Marcus Farms grew from a small Christmas tree farm to a formidable supplier of hardy balled and burlapped nursery stock. Now in its 30th year, spanning 12 farms on over 500 acres with an inventory of over 1 million trees, Marcus Farms is headed up by Steve's son, Gerrett Marcus.

About Us

We provide top quality nursery stock to private and wholesale customers including, but not limited to, gardening centers, landscape contractors, re-wholesalers, landscape architects and municipalities.

We sell trees ranging from 5' to 30' tall. Our field staffs select each tree individually. Then your order is dug by hand or with our tree spades.

We invite you to tour our farm. If needed, we can assist you with the proper selection of plant material. Marcus Farms can arrange trucking and help you coordinate delivery to any residential or commercial job site. We are committed to you, our customer.

Questions & Answers

Do you have an availability list?
No, we have an evolving inventory that prevents us from keeping an active availability list. Please call for availability, and we will give you a prompt response.

I'm in the area, can I swing by and buy trees?
Only on weekends in spring are we on-site for pickup without an appointment (Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm). We encourage walk-ins!

Otherwise, all of our orders are custom dug and scheduled for delivery.  

Is there a minimum order requirement?
No, you can order a single tree if that is all you need.

Is the truck driver going to unload my order?
No, you will need to have the equipment and/or laborers to unload a truckload of trees.

Will you help me arrange shipping?
Yes, we can assist you in finding the most economical and logical mode of transport for your order, whether it is one tree or an entire truckload.

Can I tag my own trees?
Yes, please call the office to schedule a tagging tour.


We will arrange shipping on a flatbed truck with a carrier that has a good reputation in transporting nursery stock. These trucks are not controlled by Marcus Farms, and delivery charges may be incurred.

If you wish to have your own delivery service handle the shipment, please contact our office and make the necessary arrangements. Confirmed dates and times are EXTREMELY important to the flow of our daily operations. If there are delays, our office must be notified immediately. If mutually agreed upon dates and times are changed due to the purchaser's needs, any resulting damage to trees is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


Any issues must be reported within 10 days of receipt of shipment. Problems that result from shipping must be handled with the shipping company.

Possible issues due to defect or disease must be photographed. Any damage incurred from unloading or planting trees is the responsibility of the purchaser/planter. 

Learn how to take care of your new trees. Contact us at 877-694-6865 or email us at